Our mission is to enhance the quality of life and economic vitality of Southeastern Wisconsin through the sustainable operation of a full-service, cooperatively owned grocery store. As a food co-op, we are committed to serving our community, employees and member-owners while working as part of a stronger local food system. 


 Wild Root Market will address an unmet need in Southeastern Wisconsin for an alternative to a conventional grocery store that will provide a centralized resource for local, regional, sustainable, and organic foods.

Wild Root Market exists to meet our community’s need for:

  • a natural, organic and local food at a full-service grocery store open to the public.
  • a more sustainable community where our resources are not depleted, polluted or destroyed.
  • a stronger local economy by supporting local farmers, producers and service providers.
  • good jobs at honest wages for local residents.
  • a hub for education, cooperation, wellness and advocacy in support of good food and healthy community. 


  • Local Economy
  • Cooperative Values
  • Local Food System
  • Healthy Community


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