Wild Root Market will be a full-service, community owned grocery store located at 500 Walton Avenue in Racine, WI focusing on natural, organic, and local food. As a cooperative, Wild Root Market is member-owned but will be open to the public for shopping.

Wild Root Market is dedicated to providing access to high quality, local, natural and organic food at a fair price; supporting local farmers and contributing economically to the community. The money you spend stays close to home and the people who run the business are your neighbors and friends.

Food co-ops are changing the food system, strengthening local economies, building sustainable agriculture networks, offering healthy food choices, and proving that ordinary people can reap the benefits of a community owned business.

The cooperative idea is more than a physical store, it is a grass-roots movement to bring the power back to the individual. Co-ops are built on the idea that local owners, not far-away investors, direct the business and gain the benefits of success.

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