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Become an Owner Today!

Your membership share pays directly for the expenses and costs associated with the start-up of this small business. We applaud your selfless act of joining the co-op before you yourself are able to realize any personal benefit. 

The cost of a Wild Root Market Cooperative membership share is a one-time payment of $200.00. There is no annual fee. This membership will be paid out in installments of $51.75 quarterly for one year in 4 installments. Paypal fees are added to online subscriptions.  Completing this subscription form indicates you agree to our privacy policyby-laws and allow us to identify you as an Owner on our Facebook page or in other marketing materials. If you do not wish us to identify you by name, please send an email to [email protected]

If you do not wish to subscribe online, you may print and complete the Owner Subscription Form and mail it with your check to the address listed.