Wild Root Market is located at 500 Walton Ave in Racine on the northwest corner of Walton and Wisconsin. The property is just west of the Racine Zoo and just north of the intersection at Goold and Main.

The location is strategically positioned to be a true neighborhood store and will bring a much-needed resource to this residential area.  We are confident this site provides the attributes required for a successful store.  It is right-sized, centrally located, and offers ample parking both at the site and across Walton in the lot at 2214 Wisconsin. Plans for our store will include all the departments you'd expect, plus a community gathering area and deli. YOUR Owner loan will make it possible to build the store we want.

We’re working with the local architectural firm, Butterfield, Rudie & Seitz, local builders Bukaceck Construction, as well as national co-op consulting firms CDS and FCI to complete preliminary due diligence, preliminary inspections (including Phase I environmental and hazardous materials assessments), and preliminary store design.  Conceptual budgets are in line with our market study sales projections on the site.

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